Say goodbye to the weeds problems around your property

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Eliminating weed problems on your property shouldn't be a challenge. If you need fast, affordable weed control service, reach out to Western Slope Pest Control today. Our technicians take extra precautions when treating weeds to protect you, your children and your pets when we are around your property.

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Why choose Western Slope Pest Control?

If the weeds in your yard are growing into a big problem, the pros at Western Slope Pest Control are prepared to help. You can trust us to keep your commercial or residential property weed-free. We do this by:

  • We do this by offering a service plan to suit your needs
  • Applying powerful post-emergent spray to take care of existing weeds
  • We specialize in bare ground sterilization to prevent weeds from growing all year
Need help with weeds in other areas of your property? No problem-you can hire us to spray driveways, walkways and empty lots, too.

Contact Western Slope Pest Control today to discuss your weed control needs with a local pro.

Based in Grand Junction, CO, we service the following areas:
Redlands, CO | Palisade, CO | Mesa, CO | Orchard Mesa, CO | Fruita, CO | Loma, CO | Mack, CO | Glade Park, CO

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