Don't Let Bugs Take Over Your Property

Trust us to tackle your pest problem

Western Slope Pest Control isn't your average pest control business. We're a local family-owned company that provides big-time results. You can count on us to handle all of your commercial and residential pest control needs in the Mesa County area. In addition to keeping your home pest free, we also offer pest control services for your lawn and trees.

Whether you're dealing with bugs or weeds, you can count on us to keep your home and yard pest-free.

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Don't Let Bugs Take Over Your Property

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Pay less for more spraying services

Over the last 15+ years, many commercial and residential property owners have relied on Western Slope Pest Control to keep their properties free of pests. You should, too. We offer a one time service with no contracts or contract-free monthly, quarterly and biannual treatments that include:

  • Pest control service to protect your property from bugs and rodents
  • Weed control service to remove unsightly weeds from your proptery
  • Ornamental spraying to keep your grass, plants and trees healthy and safe year-round
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Get expert service from a local company

Keeping your property protected from pests and weeds is our top priority at Western Slope Pest Control. When you hire us, you can expect results. Our technicians will spray inside and outside your home and property for bugs and can tackle your tough outer lawn weed problems making your neighbors envious.

Concerned about the cost? Don't hesitate to ask for a free estimate from our experienced pest control specialist.

Based in Grand Junction, CO, we service the following areas:
Redlands, CO | Palisade, CO | Mesa, CO | Orchard Mesa, CO | Fruita, CO | Loma, CO | Mack, CO | Glade Park, CO

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